Charlie’s Home

Youth Transition Program

We strive every day to create a sense of hope for youth to realize their full potential in becoming successful, independent adults by giving them the tools and support they so richly deserve and may not have been afforded before now.

Catfishing and Human Trafficking

Required to  access Charlie’s Clubhouse. – Judi McGuinness

Circle of Life

Know where to spend more time and energy in your life by rating the 12 different areas to create balance.       -Tim Skoldberg

Supportive Employment Opportunities

Local companies with available positions. – Judi McGuinness

Meditative Art

Join Amaka for on-demand painting sessions on various topics. – Amaka Agulue

Feelings Wheel

Learn how to express exactly how you feel to be better understood. – Judi McGuinness

Healthy Relationships / Boundaries

Who to trust and where to draw the line.  – Briana Hollis


Bouncing back better in the face of adversity. – Judi McGuinness


Do you have what it takes?  – Judi McGuinness

Navigating Social Services

Where to go, who to talk to, and what to say. – Judi McGuinness

Organization / Time Management

Keeping everything in your life on track. – Judi McGuinness


Quick and easy, food pantry info and what to buy/where to buy it tips.      – Diamonique Lundy

The Interview Process

Everything from application to thank you note. -Judi McGuinness


GED tutoring and FAFSA completion help.

Banking and Budgeting

Nothing compares to the good old-fashioned way and I’ll show you why. – Judi McGuinness


Getting help for addiction and mental illness.

Character Strength Assessment

Online assessment and report of your 24 character strengths.– VIA

The ABC's of LGBTQ+

Everything you want to know.

Coolness Under Pressure

Coping through mindfulness, breathing, relaxation & drumming.      -Tim Skoldberg


Organizational Board Members:


Judi McGuinness


Wes Waller III


Melaney Moffett